Track Bike Updates Nov 2016

  After I bought the Ducati 848 Evo and took it to a race track, I decided that I needed to go back, but with a Cheaper Track Bike. This is the boring story of updates made to the R6 since that initial build in October 2015. The bike has since been at the track 10 or 12 times, I've made it from Novice to Intermediate in three different organizations, wore down my knee pucks, and sent back three suits that haven't fit right. Here are some more amazingly mundane activities centered on this 2009 Yamaha YZF-R6.

  Click for a Larger Image I had some troubles with the Power Commander and Autotune. Machine wouldn't start or idle easily when slightly warm. I adjusted some of the fueling, but I suck at it. So I had Bauce Racing reflash the ECU. That also removed restrictions from the computer (like restricting throttle to 80% until 10,000 RPM, reduced engine braking, and changed a few more things.

  Safety wiring the oil filter and the oil plug. Have to do this everytime I change the oil. That sucks cause that's the only time I get to use the cool safety wire pliers (except for the rear wheel of the Ducati 848). Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Left side of the rear tire. Its a $220 Pirelli Supercorsa SP. Gets very hot when pushing it, which is what all these little rubber balls are - melted Supercorsa rubber. Probably go for Supercorsa SC next year, but will need warmers.

  This is the right side - a little less melting. Much better shape. Can't remember what track these came off of, but probably Summit Point Shenandoah or NCBike Reverse with lots of leftward corners. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Tires last about four or five track days. Here is one with only one day on the rear. Not the gash? So did I that day. I believe it got cut when the packaging was removed with a sharp ass knife. I took it back to the place I bought it and they replaced for free.

  Tire was replaced with another new one, that looks like this. Here it is in all its $200+ glory. About $425 to get new rubber mounted. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Here is same new tire, though I went through 2.5 sets this year. This picture shows the Pit Bull Trailer Restraint system. It is fantastic (both in utility and expense). It lets me roll the bike in with that bracket connected to the axles. The bracket locks into the clamps connected to the plate bolted to the floor. No straps or tie downs putting pressure on the suspension or causing me to sweat even more in the 105 degree summer heat of the trailer.

  A shot of the left hand side of the trailmobile. Here are all the stands, boots, and suit necessary for tracking. I bought the suit for $175. It is pretty good for that except that the liner is goofed up, causing my arm or leg to go between the liner and the cow skin. Its especially hard when I am sweating like a cow. The liner used to come out but got sewn in when the PO had the suit repaired. Also have a can of air and a little Easy Up / Tent that I sit under. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Speaking of suits, I tried out a few this year. This is a Dainese W Frame (called an Avro). It is very cool cause it has two zippers that come up the side to the neck. Problem is I can barely zip them.

  So I tried two other Dainese suits. Both Laguna Seca one piece suits. One was not perforated for those who want to get full value out of their removable liners. The other (the second) was perforated and probably worth the extra half tire ($200). But I didn't like the way they fit. OK at bottom but too tight in the shoulders for getting a back protector and chest protector in. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image I had some TechSpec tank pads on the Ducati 848. However, they don't really grab too well. These are Stomp Grips and are known to grab very well - so well they trash your new $1250 leathers. So I got them and kept my old $175 leathers.

  Doesn't look much different than it did at the start of the season. Just new tires (and tires and tires), the tether cable for the Hit Air vest, and the Stomp Grip pads. Oh, and lots of new Intermediate Stickers. Click for a Larger Image

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