Post Light


In mid 2003, I tired of the dumb walkway that the Village Garden Center installed at our house, installing stones clearly different from that specified in our contract.  I picked up some rock around the acres and made a bit of a walkway extension out to our round driveway.  This was great (and cheap, having lost our entire walkway budget on inept, specification violators) but needed some lighting. 


  The light at night.  Its a 4x4 piece of wood with a light on top.  I drilled a diagonal hole from the top to the side.  Then I ran a piece of metal conduit at an angle and bent it using a torch so as not to crimp the conduit.  I ran direct burial wire from the house to the light. Post Light

  House with Post Light next to Driveway Here is the relative juxtaposition of the post light to the rest of the house and the driveway.  The picture is a bit blurry due to the earth's rotation.

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