Little Picket Fence


As you look around at the pictures around here, you'll notice the barren nature of the house. Its pretty new and has not had the hundreds of years of plant growth and additions that houses like this should have. Guess we'll have to wait about 98 years. In the meantime, we have started some improvements to reduce the barreness. One of the first is the Little Picket Fence.


  The lay of the land before the fence. Note the wide expanse of mulch next to the boulder sidewalk (courtesy of the ineptitude of Village Garden Center). This is where the Little Picket Fence will go. Its an "L" shape starting at the corner of the house and going out to the driveway, where maybe a garage will be someday. Land Lay

  Massive Post Foundation Here's the completion of Step One - the posts. These are 4"x4" PT posts sunk about three feet and set in dirt. I set them over the Memorial Day weekend, completing the last one at about 10:30pm (because it looked like rain and I didn't want to deal with mud holes the next day).

  The fence starting to take shape. Here you'll note the 2x4 stringers in place. Note they are nailed on (rather than mortised). I choose not to go the most complicated way to show my family I am not actually that A-Retentive. However, I have spent most of one day getting the slope of the pickets right. I spent the rest of that day and most of the next cutting the 83 pickets by hand. Stringers in Place

  Mostly Complete The near finished appearance barrier. Its got two gates. One, the main gate between the two tall posts, has a cannonball on a chain connected to another post to automatically close the gate. I learned this from my friends in Williamsburg. Until the cannonball arrives, I'm using a block of wood.

  Nailed, painted, gated, and trimmed. Except for the cannonball, complete - we may get that this weekend (Jul 28, 2002). Complete

  Official Cannonball OK. With the official Williamsburg cannonball, I pronounce the Little Picket Fence COMPLETE. Thanks to all for their patience in awaiting this truly momentus occasion.

    Inspiration - My Creative Wife
    Colorization - My Creative Wife
    Persistance - Marilyn
    Encouragement - Teresa
    Lumber - Lowes
    Foundation Preparation - International Harvester
    Board Sculpting - Craftsman and Vepco
    Design Assistance - Some Books

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