Painting the Inside

    My wife is painting the inside of the house. Its nice, since it really adds character. The original color's character took after me - bland. Our interior designer is adding life and dynamic effervecsense with this pallet of earthen tones.

  This is the family room in its original colors. This is one of the only rooms we had painted originally. Its this kind of brownish gray called taupe (pronounced toe'-p).

  This is the kitchen with a fresh coat of yellow - I think the paint name is navahoe sand musk. Its the same color as the hearth room below.

  This room is the TV room. It used to be white - perfect for projecting a 1024x768 LCD image against. Boy, both DVD's played through the PC's DVD as well as Playstation 2 video would have shown up great! Now its Earthen Fired Clay Brick. Adds great character, though.

  Hearth Room in warm Navahoe Sand Cloth The hearth room - its called that because it has a hearth in it. This is the same yellow as the kitchen, since it closely adjoins that room. Note the TV installed high up. I wish I had thought that I would install a high TV like this - then I would have put power and cable up there instead of running cable down to the drop on the wall.