Fallen Oak Tree


In July 2002, a big oak tree fell down in the woods. It was about 43" diameter. It fell in a big wind storm. I broke down and bought a new chain for the chain saw so I could actually get it out of the way. The saw along with the tractor allowed the expedient removal of the tree. Now, we'll have nice oak firewood for the winter.


  Here's the tree. Note how it fell over the little electric fence. That's how I knew something was wrong - the little fence charger, while working, was just going, click-click-click instead of CLICK-CLICK-CLICK. Oak Tree Blocking the Path

  Tree Snooze My kid and I climbing up to the top of the tree. When the tree came down, it broke this other little tree on its way down..

  Here's Junior up in the top of the tree. It was still pretty high up there. It took most of the day for us to clean up the tree. Little Girl in the Tree

  Wife and Little Dog Here is my honey-pie and our little puff-puff dog. She (the dog) likes to climb stuff. She used to climg about six steps of a stepladder to get in the house while it was being built.

  Buster Brown, the other dog, and myself seeing how well he (the dog) climbs. He's not as adroit at the high stuff. I think it has to do with wheelbase - he is too long to turn around on a little 15" platform.. Double B and Me

Downed Foliage