As a gift, my lovely wife granted our family with a item we can all use and get hours of memorable family fun for years to come - a table saw. Unfortunately, I don't yet have my building built so I have no place to put the saw but in our unfinished basement. That's OK, except that all my cool man cave stuff will get dusty. The solution? Build Walls for the Man Cave! Click Here to see the overall plan.


  The first few pictures are of the things in the cave that need protecting. Here are three computers and some historical display devices for displaying the bits and bytes the computers generate. The fastest one here is a 166 Pentium, with a pair of 75's. Note the color coded monitor, keyboard and mouse. PCs

  The mancave entertainment system, though nobody but me wants to hang out down here - its about 55 degrees year round. Note the sano wiring. Can't have dust getting in this!

  View from the back. The whole cave is wide open with these red posts throughout. This was actually after I rearranged a bit. Note the box in the middle center with the yellow bands - that's the table saw.

  Here is the first wall in progress. Actually there are three walls as each goes between one of the red posts. Some how, I have to work around that air handler. Also, I'll end up putting in some more walls outside the mancave to block dust from the air handler, resulting in an official "Shop" (see plan).

  Here's the door. Its 48" wide. Try finding that in a day. So I bought two prehung 24 inch doors and cut off one side. For like the first time in my life, I recognized I need opposite side doors (so they would swing to the same side) before I bought them. This is the view from inside cave.

  This is a shot of the plastic on the walls of the what turned out to be the shop area looking towards the base of the stairs.

  Double plastic on the outside and inside of the mancave walls. I'm hoping this will beter retain the heat generated by the powerful Pentium 75's.

  Finally, here is the view from the base of the stairs looking back into the shop door. Note the slit in the plastic until I can spring for an official prehung 36" door.

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