Garage Workbench Shelves

  Now that I finished the Workbench, the Cable and Alectronics Rack, and the Phase 1 Practice Shelves, it was time to put the skills to the real test - drawers and more shelves. The drawers will help me use up plywood and have a place for nails, drill bits, and drawer pulls. The shelves help dampen the live walls when Radio Paradise is playing.

  Blank Wall for Practice Shelves The finished product. Note the underbench drawers and the real sliding drawers, both of which have handles. There is a cantelevered shelf at the top that no one can reach and another one below that few can reach. That's why there's a little mini shelf under the unreachable shelves - I use it for storing stuff.

  A close up of the base section. The drawer on the left was my first one - its six inches tall with cheap sliders. The other two are four inches with great sliders. They are waaaay better than the cheap sliders. Maybe I got better at making them, but I didn't have to put spacers or anything when I used the good sliders. And the drawers feel much more luxurious.

  Here's a close up of the good sliders. They telescope in and out. There are no stupid hanging rollers. There is no mounting mystery. And they hold colorful things.

  Here are the top shelves, holding a 2lb tool box. Note the cantilevered shelf over the window. I figure the other eight feet of holding power is sufficient to hold these four feet. It's made of two twelve foot two x fours so it shouldn't sag. Plus its screwed to the wall on the back. The little shelf is made of 1x3's.

  More of the 1x3 shelf work, this time under the Cable and Alectronics Rack. It will be a real book shelf for maintenance and reference books. It also holds a pencil sharpener. The lamp had to move to the left corner. All the electrical plugs go up into the rack, leaving the GFI plug free.

  Wide angle view of the little useful shelf under the storage shelves. Note the Allison Diesel and Transmission of New England hat stowed at the end. Also note the hole in the back of the useful shelf so I can hide cables and such once it becomes full.

  Over to the right of the workbench is my garage closet. It hangs my $15 warm coat (in blue with quilted guts) and the stiff-but-warm snow overhauls. They zip and snap up the side for ease of booting. Also note the green and white coats for lite-duty work. The summer overhauls and the welding shirt and hat also live here.

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