Garage Fence

  I keep lots of building materials various projects (Front Wall, Driveway, Walkways) on pallets between the Garage and the property line. Gus, the new dog, seems to like exploring those things. Buster, the wonder dog, was contained with a simple electric fence. Before I turned it on, I explained to him would zap him if he touched it. He said, "OK" and never once touched it. So I never turned it on. Gus, on the other hand, is has already destroyed two live electric fences, though it did generate some barks and whines. I need a more substantial barricade for the destructo-dog. So I am building another board fence, similar to the DMZ Board Fence.

  This is where the fence will go. It will go from over somewhere on the right to about the middle of the picture, just to the other side of that three by the black thing. The tractor is waiting to drill some holes. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Here the tractor drills a hole. Its about three feet and a few inches deep. The Rebuilt Husqvarna is there next to the tree. It works pretty great.

  These are the teeth that go on the earth drill. Can you tell which one is the new one? Its not the one that's all worn down with a bolt welded to it. The new teeth help the earth drill dig without me having to stand on the top of the drilling gearbox. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Here are a bunch of the posts all set, though I don't think they are filled in. The two to the right are the gate posts where either one 16' gate will go or two 8' gates will go. Note the G-Cart and the EF-3 had to have a role in this project.

  Speaking of parts, the Dump Truck got into the act as well. It went to get the 16' boards. There's about six feet hanging out. The guy at the store thought I was gooforbia for wanting to drive away with six feet of board hanging out. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image This is looking from the left hand side gatepost back down the set of four posts that go to where an intermediate fence will go. Most of these posts extended down into an aquafer which holds about eight inches of water. I loaded the posts down with gravel to help them drain.

  Here are some of the boards on the saw horses. See the poster of the truck wheel on the wall of the garage? I framed it with shutters to make it look like a window. See the middle post? I had to lift it out of the ground with EF-3 cause it needed to be higher. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Here is the dump truck with the boards extending towards us. There are also lots of pallets of rocks, slate, rocks, pallets, slate and rocks. Porta-shed is in the background.

  This is the fence part finished with four boards. The boards are poplar, not pine. The gate posts will get two eight foot gates that meet in the middle. The tough part is getting the right slope on the gates so they will be the same height in the middle while still opening all the way and not looking like they are sagging. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Here's a gate being hung. The hinge pins go into a 1/2 inch hole that I start with a 5/8 inch bit.

  Gates are hung and generally aligned for slope and height. The vertical plane angle is a little different, probably cause of the way the right gate top bracket is not yet aligned. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Here is little Gus jailed inside the fence. He is sad he can't get through. But, three seconds after this picture snapped, he went underneath. I either have to electrify a wire underneath or wait for him to get fatter, like Peter Rabbit.

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