Main Barn


Remember all those tools? Right now, I am borrowing room for them to live. They are a long way from where I use them. Makes it tough to run out and get the four wheel drive front spindle socket when removing the front wheel bearings from the pickup. Same with the tractor. It has to live there as well - defeats the purpose when there's a big snow. And how about the livestock and the implements.


  Here's the prototype. This was built with the same proportions as the new building. Four-by-three ratio length to heighth with a little shed on one side for the implements and livestock. In fact, this is the little shed with junior implements but no livestock. Junior Shed

  The barn will eventually sprout up from here.

  The hole for the barn. It started out as a birthday present to me three years ago. The guy cut the whole where I thought may make sense - but I didn't know he was actually going to dig. It ended up over a giant, immovable rock and too deep on one side. I moved the hole closer to where we are looking from to get it off the rock and give a easier incline up to the goats (so they don't roll into the barn).


Contract me for siding