Here are the actual accomplishments we focus on with our past time expertise. As we start and stop projects, assuming we get some pictures, we'll put some here maybe. Then we can show our friends and family worldwide. Because thats what the world wide web is - world wide. Its not world narrow, its world wide. So wide that its as wide as the world. I'm wide but not that wide. If you took about 2.5 million of me and put me side by side, touching hips, I'd be as wide as the world. But this is better.

  R6 Track Bike Updates (10/18)     R6 Track Bike Updates (P2) (02/17)
  R6 Track Bike Updates (P1) (01/17)     R6 Track Bike Updates (P0) (11/16)
  EF-3 Loader Stick (1/16)     Track Bike (10/15)
  Ducati Hydraulics (10/14)     Recirculation Pump Motor (1/14)
  Front Wall Lighting (11/13)     Water Softener (12/13)
  Garage Fence (4/13)     Front Wall Part 4, West End (8/13)
  Great Power Outage of 2012     Mailbox and On-Ramp (2/13)
  Front Wall Part 3, West End (5/12)     Ancient Columns (6/12)
  Bushhog Blade Replacement (3/12)     Kemp Chipper Transplant (4/12)
  Portable Shed (12/11)     Daisy (12/11)
  Front Wall Part 2, West End (9/11)     Husqvarna 51 Transformation (11/11)
  Patio Part 3 (7/11)     5-Series Steering Lock (9/11)
  Patio Part 2 (10/10)     5-Series Electronics Upgrade (12/10)
  Patio Part 1 (7/10)     EF-3 Parking Brake (7/10)
  Fixing Dump Truck Tank (4/10)     Flat Dump Truck Tire (4/10)
  WorkBench Shelves (1/10)     Patching the Dump Truck (3/10)
  Courtyard Drainage (8/09)     Front Wall Part 1, East End (9/09)
  Machine Shed Pad (7/09)     G-Cart Refurb (8/09)
  Garage Shelves (3/09)     Medium Picket Fence (5/09)
  Garage Rack (2/09)     Garage Media (3/09)
  Driveway Relocation and Wall (11/08)     Workbench (1/09)
  Pergola and Wall (5/08)     Front Sidewalks (8/08)
  Shutters (7/05)     Finally, a Garage (3/08)
  Man Cave Walls (12/03)     Board Fence DMZ (8/04)
  Little Picket Fence (5/02)     Clearing the Big Oak Tree
  Volvo Headlights     My Beard
  Main Barn (Soon ??)     B&S Engine Explosion
  Painting the Inside     Post Light

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