I have a great family. Some of them will see this others not. I'll talk good about those that do and the truth about those that won't. My immediate family is small - me, my wife, and my little girl. She and I, as well as other members of the family are Bungalators. A bungalator is an extrapolation of a Bungan, which is a term of endearment used for little girls whose names are Norah and whose dads are Tom.

Also pay a visit to the Friends section. Its got great pictures of all your favorite friends. If you are a friend, send me a picture. If not and you want to be, send me a picture and a 10,000 word or more essay on what a great friend you would make and I'll send it to the Friend Evaluation and Review Board. Then, if we're both lucky, you'll see it posted here soon.

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