Yard Sale

    Never before have so many lucky patrons had the opportunity to peruse the valuable goods excessed by our family.  We held the first ever Outcrop Acres Yard Sale.  We presented this once in a lifetime opportunity in April 2003.  We planned the grand opening at 10:00am.  But based on the seasoned advice of some experienced yard salers, we began preparing at 06:30am early thirty.  Its lucky we did, as anxious bargain hunters began coming buy no later than I installed the first billboards (around 06:35am early thirty).

  Speaking of Billboards, here is a sample of the impactful graphics we used to advertise the event.  The material used was recycled packaging material delicately annotated using "OCAcres Bold" font. Yard Sale Sign

  Merchandise at the Opening As the display showroom looked as we started the day.  Note the thoughtful layout of the merchandise, allowing simple, carefree browsing for our customers, while simultaneously enabling careful monitoring by our security personnel.

  Here is a detailed example of the care taken in setting up the product for benefit of our global customer base.  This happens to be the toy counter. Toy Counter

  Happy Browsers Here's a shot of the excited clientel browsing the various categories of products.

  Here is the display showroom following the massive flood of gleeful customers.  Save your money for next year's extravaganza! Merchandise at Closing

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