Christmas Parade 2001

    Christmas Parade Time. The parade is a great annual event. The parade is filled with rescue vehicles, local hot rods decked out with twelve volt christmas lights, and little girl twirling clubs. About two hours of spectacular viewing - most of it blank city street. The parade organizers would do well to keep the space between floats or twirling clubs to less than 500 feet.

  Here is the high school band banner. Note the purple and gold. Its pretty dark - they do the parade at night and my camera doesn't do to well then..

  Here is the singing group in which my kid sings. Everyone wears Santa hats in the parade. Everyone makes sure, though, that they wear their jeans and sneakers when walking.

  More singers, though I don't know a one - the truck went by fast and I was messing with my camera in the dark, waiting for the flash to recharge. I think my kid's on the other side.

  No xmas parade would be started, in-progress, or complete without a bunch of fire engines and other emergency vehicles running their sirens. There were about 37 in all in this parade. They are pretty cool and have excellent, exemplary smelling diesel fumes. Much better than our tractor.

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