Christmas 2010


  Don't know what happened to 2010. We had so much snow, Frosty got buried. But after three months under the 72" of snow, he arose to have another Christmas. In recent years, we've limited the trips to the relatives, making simple day trips. 2010 was the same - a quick trip to the urban sprawl where the majority of family, like humanity, live. But most of the time, we spent here. Merry Christmas

  Click for a Larger Image Frosty made out OK after his three months "under the weather!" Ha Ha Hee Hee, Haaa. Frosty would join me, but his blower motor is louder than he. His white suit is a little "soiled" and his scarf was a bit "suffocating." But this year, he gets all the air blown back into him.

  Oh, Elate in the Bounty! This is how real Brussel Sprouts grow - on Brussel Stalks. If the sprouts were ornaments and lights, it would be a Christmas Brussel Tree! If you take off the sprouts, its a Brussel Spear. In any event, it adds a unique twist to the holiday regalia, some of which you can reconnoiter in the background. Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image This year, a special treat - 8mm movies from the past. First we had to get the fine, Bolex projector, with its voided warranty running. Seems there was a mechanical bit out of adjustment. Then there was the part about the exploding plugs. That plug, along with the other two necessary to run the modifications, were declared safe and on to vintage blasts from our pasts.

  Being its only an 8mm film (about 1/3 of an inch), the pictures come out pretty tiny. But to be fair, it does have infinite resolution (or at least to the molecular level). It would be better on a screen, but the door does in a pinch. Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image Here is a very tall wrapped gift. It looks like something from Dr. Seuss. Probably isn't since its real and not animated or written in a book. But its ideasmen sure thought that way.

  A little squirrel got into Buster's magic stocking. With the twinkling sparkles of Christmas Magic, the squirrel turned into a fluffy little grey fabric item, with only a squeak left for a voice. His tail went from bushy to stripes. Some say he's a racoon now. Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image Here is the expensive tree - but its good, cause its still soft and pliable. No dripping needles. Note the paper with penguins. That's cold weather wrapping. Also note the absense of tinsel. Seems we can't make it out of lead and even the dogs will eat the cheap chinese plastic tinsel. Wonder if the Chinese people who make plastic tinsel have other skills?

  Junior's standard Christmas Morning perch. Here she opens up a purple container of things. She also notes from whence each item came on the booty board. This is the first year of glasses too! Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image This is what makes Christmas (and every other day) special - A card from my little bungelator. Not a card 'cause we told her to. Its a card she got 'cause she wanted to. In fact, I was so elated by my daughter's gift maturity, that I didn't even get to the present. Christmas receiving was over for me once I had the gift of a thoughtful daughter.

    Merry Christmas and a Lowstress and enjoyable Year of 2010!