Christmas 2007


  This was a fun year also, being the second year we went to the Washington DC area. I got some new shoes on Christmas Eve and wore them once. But we did go the the Air and Space Museum. Merry Christmas

  Merry Christmas from Buster 'en Antlay (Buster in Antlers) and the Bungelator.

  Chuck Yeager and his buddies drove this around the skys of California before bringining here to Washington DC. Pretty thick tail. I drew these things everyday in the third, fourth, and fifth grade. X-15

  TThe annual adventures of the Hillbillys and the Riches. This play, a continuing saga each year, juxtaposes the pure, simple pleasures of Christmas as experienced by a rich hillbilly family who have no understanding of their value against a poor, sophisticated branch of the family that wants all their money. Each year, they relearn that its not money that makes happiness.

  Ladies at the museum. Note the lady doing her streches before she negotiates the escalator. Lucky she has her running shoes on. She stopped here to get a blast of O2 from teh tanks from England. Meanwhile, Bungalator and Mommy point towards the door, hoping that's we will go next.

  Lincoln's Memorial Here we are on the inside of a penny. I have my special sky matching jacket. The bungan has the scarf to keep her neck warm, but how about the rest of her? Hmmmmm.

  Next to the Washington Monument. These are hard pictures to take since its dark in back and light in front. The camera has a setting for this. Its called Photoshop (not really).

  An old dude blabs on about things no one really cares about. Those that have to sit near him look on with disdain, dreading the upcoming hours and wishing they could have sat next to someone who was interesting.

  My sister's-in-law Ruby Green Socks. Where does she get such eclectic taste? She is a family trend setter. Why? With genuine sincerity, she is confident enough in herself that she can pull these off (when she gets home and wants her dogs to breath). Ruby Green Socks

  The Boys Christmas gifts always make people happy. Here the boys revel in their joy of being with one another.

  Christmas Booty with requisite pictorial subjects and accents. Ornaments, evergreenery, wrapping paper, with greens and red, some blue and snowy paper to mix it up and add a bit of secular flavor, and bows. Classic Wrapping

  Xmas Tree The Christmas Tree in the same position as last year. This year, we had a bike that I received at the last minute by winning a contest at our company's cafeteria. It was fun riding around the inside of the building. No one was too excited to ride it in the winter.

  The Bungan scoring more booty. She carefully unwraps this small package. I think as we get older, we appreciate those smaller packages. Guess it really is the thought (and utility) that matter.

  Bungan and Mia Farrow Junior expressing excitement over this great picture of the Princess Bride. This is Ingrid Bergman, Connie Francis, or Natalie Merchant. Regardless of identity, the Bungan seems to connect.

  Grandmother encircled by her pride, Bungalator, Nephew 1 and Duke. This is a rare picture when all are generally smiling and don't have their tongues sticking out of their mouths.

    Merry Christmas and a stressless, enjoyable Year of 2008!