Christmas 2006


  This was a fun year, though we got a late start. The decorations were a year old so half didn't work. For Christmas Eve, we went to the Washington DC area for traditional family faire. Then, off to more family to sleep. Then to more family for Christmas Day gala. Finally, back to home for the final family fun fest. And we made cookies. Merry Christmas

  Buster with Gadget Merry Christmas from Buster 'en Ribbone (that's french for Buster in Ribbon).

  This year, we had Christmas with some family in the Washington, DC area. So before we started the actual festive celebrations, we pooped in on the city where we met and lived for 12 or so years. Washington Monument

  Haynes Point This was at Haynes Point (between the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers). Pop finally gets daughter in hand. Ha Haaaaaa Har.

  Ladies at Xmas. The two on the left are the lucky nieces of the one on the right. Note how the niece on the left has mixed the colors of the rest into her collaborative shirt. Aunts and Nieces

  Xmas Activities Instruments of our hosts. This demonstrates their social breadth - games for strategicians, for thesbians, and for the solitaire.

  Here's Mae. Mae is a young gun, with a contemporary education, ready to challenge the status quo while accepting the valued. Mae

  Xmas Eve Hosts These are our hosts for the traditional Christmas Eve feast this year. Ham? No. Turkey? Are you out of your mind? This is the 21st century. Hallelouis! We got to eat something people actually like - Chili. Check my Evaluation Here.

  More of the neices, this time all three (except one is my daughter). Note the family resemblance, except the one with pink hair. More Neices

  Happy Neices Christmas gifts always make people happy.

  The traditional Christmas Tree wading in Booty. Its a Douglas FIr - $60 worth. But its soft and easy to decorate. Tree makers could probably make them out of green cardboard. Xmas Tree

  Junior Like I said earlier - Christmas makes people happy. Here's junior swaddled in presents.

  The aftermath of booty explosion. Here we reflect in the joy of family, our gifts, our non-booty gifts, and, for some, what we will do with our gift cash. Aftermath

    Merry Christmas and a stressless, enjoyable Year of 2007!