Christmas 2002 Gift Opening


  Gift opening varies amongst families, geographies, socioeconmic styles, and pretty much every other line you can draw. This page simply captures our youngest and oldest opening a variety, but not all, presents on her many mornings of Christmas. To open other Christmas pages, please select one below:

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Merry Christmas from Junior

  For every Christmas over the last five years, American Girl stuff owns the Christmas headlines. Here Junior opens another outfit for her American Girls.

  Two-thousand-and-two was the year of the leopard skin stuff. Here, Junior decodes the combination leopard skin bag/blanket.

  Who hasn't seen American Idol? Well I hadn't until this DVD. This program took a bunch of performers and ran them through a multi week contest with home viewers voting on the best each week. Kind of a "Miss America meets Survivor."

  Slippers on Christmas. In my childhood, slippers were the standard fare from Santa. Here Junior excitedly takes the wrap off a pair of slumber slips, each about 2 inches thick.

  What happens when you open something that you don't really know what to do with? Junior's expression is pretty clear.

  What? More American Girl stuff? This was actually opened before those above while we were in the Northeastern MidAtlantic mountainous state where our sister/aunt/sister-in-law and husband lives.

  Again in the NEMA state, though not the one depicted on the shirt. Again, the expression. This time, however, it comes from Junior's pop making her have a picture taken.

  And here we have Junior holding a cloth white gift. It comes with a blue fabric thing as well. To her left knee, is a cuddly white with black spots snow leopard.

    Merry Christmas and a stressless, enjoyable Year of 2003!