Christmas 2002 Journey


  This page documents the annual Christmas Journey from our home to our Christmas destination. This year it was off to the sister-in-law's home approximately 400 miles north of where we normally live. This journey stood to take us right into the heart of northern midatlantic snow country. To journey to other Christmas 2002 pages, please select one below:

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Christmas 2001

Merry Christmas

  We started preparations on the night of Dec 22. I put the canvas top on the white truck. This great, folding canvas top had previously seen service on the old Black Claw for many years. Its still in pretty good shape except for some cracked vinyl windows. A little 200mph tape handles that just fine.

  We left about mid day on the 22nd. We were just getting into the mountains (eastern view - westerners may call them hills) of the mid atlantic states as it started to get dark and what did I see?? To my amazement, we encountered this oxymoronish sports raisin farm mobile. Lucky it was so equipped as I'd have hated the rear end of that thing to have gotten light and swung into our path. Sports Raisin Farm Transport

  Christmas Morning - 3" Christmas Morning. About 3" on the ground. We went down the 2500' mountain road straight down. No problems coming back up.

  By about 3:00pm, there was about 10 inches. We were trying to keep it off the canvas top, as the additional weight wasn't doing the aged top much good. The snow kept coming until pretty late, when there was about 18 inches total. Other than the tractor our hosts had, we were pretty much there to stay. How's the song go, " . . . with no where to go, let it snow . . ." Ten Inches

  The North Face Here we are on the North Face. Our host with his tractor making another snowblower pass. This picture does not do the slope justice.

  The only way out - the snow blower on our host's tractor. This thing worked great! It took off about 14" of the snow, leaving a nice soft pad of snow. With this sweep, we took a trip down in the pickup to take some family and their gear to their cars located in the barn at the bottom of the hill. We could not get back up. See what the experts have to say about my attempt.

Our hosts took us down in their Subaru and made it back up fine the next day. Our trip home started a bit slippery but otherwise uneventful.

Snow Blower

    Merry Christmas and a stressless, enjoyable Year of 2003!