Track Days - 2016

  When I bought the Ducati 848 Evo, I didn'treally know that it was a race bike with license plates and mirrors. I didn't know I had to work out to ride it without being in pain. Or that I was supposed to carry my weight with my "core" and not the little tiny handlbars. What's "core?" Anyway, the books I read told me this think is only useful on a closed circuit race track with other maniacs going the same way. Much safer said the books. So, in April of 2015, I went to a track day. I hadn't done enough core so I had to take the bike in a U-Haul - couldn't push it up into the F250. Once I got passed by pretty much everyone, I decided I loved riding with the maniacs, without mirrors. And the wind relieved some of the weight I was putting through my wrists. All in all, a pretty good time. So I bought an older Yamaha R6 and made it a track scooter. I put a 138 where the headlight is supposed to go and now I look almost like one of the maniacs. (The pictures below may not bear this out, but please don't tell me - I like thinking I'm one of the maniacs!)

  Click for a Larger Image Here I am, dressed in my Ducati Regalia on my Yamaha R6 number 138. By this point, I had been to a few track days, mostly with Motorcycle Xcitement, where I earned my Intermediate "I." I've done a few days with Team ProMotion and Evolve also - they are pretty good. I did and will do one and only one day with N2.

  Going around Turn 11 at NCBike. Its the slowest turn on the track, right before the main straight. Seems there are a few fast ways around, depending on who is telling you. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image April: This is a turn at Summit Point, Shenandoah. This is where I got my Intermediate. Not sure what turn this is - it may be in the pistol grip section of ess turns.
Click for a Larger Image May: This is coming into Turn 5 at NCBike. Its a 270 degree left hander. Very long. I can try out lots of the advice the fast guys have given me. Note I am getting off the bike to the inside a bit more than in April.
Click for a Larger Image November: Same turn, Turn 5 at NC Bike. Getting off a bit more in November.

  Click for a Larger Image May: This is NCBike, finishing Turn 5 going into Turn 6. You can see my knee is sticking out on the right, so its not clise to tank. Of course, I have no Stomp Grips on the tank to hold on to. No knee underneath either. See how clean and new the knee sliders are?
Click for a Larger Image November: Same turn at NCBike. Hanging off more since my head has disappeared. Also, note the knee sliding under teh bodywork. Knee sliders aren't so clean anymore.

  Click for a Larger Image April: Summit Point, Shenandoah going into the Corkscrew before the back stretch (I think). My bum is off the chair a little, but the right knee is still tucked in to the bike.
Click for a Larger Image October: Turn 2 at NCBike. Off a bit more with my head, shoulders, and hips square to the turn.

  Click for a Larger Image July: In the high speed kink on the back straight at Summit Point, Shenandoah. Bum is off, head is off, but knee is still tucked in.
Click for a Larger Image October: A bit slower turn (NCBike, not sure what turn - I think its Turn 5 again from the inside). Knee and hips turned out more.

  Click for a Larger Image May: Turn 5 (again) of NC Bike is a long, 270 degree left hander. Great photo spot. This is with N2. Off the bike well and getting knee out a bit, but still not squared to the turn.
Click for a Larger Image August: This is Turn 5 with MotorCycle Xcitement next to another R6. Guess who's passing who? Hips are getting turned out, but still kind of tight.
Click for a Larger Image November: My turn to pass - Turn 5 again. This time passng two people, one who's passing another.

  Click for a Larger Image August: Turn 2 at NC Bike. Long, off camber, medium speed right hander.
Click for a Larger Image November: Same turn, not much difference in styple. May have my shoulders off a bit more.

  This is Turn 4 of NC Bike. Its a little chicane - Left-Right-Left into the long Turn 5. I like this shot. Its a fast turn in and out using the knee as a guide. I could have been a little tighter to the apex, but I have been getting schooled on different lines on this turn. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Turn 11 at NCBike. Slow hairpin to the left onto the front straight. Here I look to go under the slower rider who is running very wide.

  Turn 2 at NCBike again. This is one of my favorites. But I think I need to come in tighter and follow the inside all around. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Straightening up for the main straight out of Turn 11 of NCBike. Very clear photo. I was either going very very slow or that was fast shutter speed.

  I think this is coming out of Turn 5 at NCBike. Another slow bike or fast shutter. Either way, its a pretty cool shot. Click for a Larger Image

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