Talus Rocks

    In early November 2002, the family took a trip to the Talus Rocks on the Skyline Drive. From a distance, Talus Rocks appear as little gravel fields in the middle of an otherwise wooded mountain side. Seems that gigillions of years ago, these were rock outcrops. Then, over the eras, circas, and millenia, rain and dew seeped into the little cracks and froze, making bigger cracks. Eventually, the outcrops turned to boulder size rocks and tumbled across the forest, creating the fields of rocks now known as Talus Rocks.

  On the way up. Here we are negotiating the nearly vertical acsent to the Talus fields. Nearly Vertical Ascent

  Talus Base Camp Here at the base camp - the talus looms behind me (actually to my left as I shoot this picture).

  My kid blazing the trail. Going up is alot easier than coming down. Something about the influence of gravity. Start of Final Section

  Talus Peak At the peak. There were several sub peaks but this one was the highest. We could see about 50 miles in every direction. It was a bit chilly and very windy.

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