Senior Prom

  Well, its finally here - High School Graduation for my lovely and loving daughter. While all the schoolwork and the hard nights of endless homework and the battles about math homework are over, matriculation has not happened. That awaits the Senior Prom.

  My Daughter First the Daughter.

  Here, the Daughter saunters up next to her Date. The Date is a good kid. Second year for this event. He got the talking to the first time. This time, just a refresher. Note the cool disposition on both. One is happy to be dressed up and the other is too, but doesn't want to show it.. My Daughter and her Date

  Color or Black and White Next, we entertain a whole bunch of other daughters and their dates. This was quite an event. Had chips and punch. But most of the daughters were worried about their heels sinking too deep into the turf. Most of the dates were concerned about whether they wore the right shade of black.

  Some more shots of daughters, this time just a glam shot so we get to see the vibrant colors. No need for a glam shot of the dates - they're pretty dark (if you know what I mean?). Daughters Only

  Parents Entertained Here are all the parents getting the Glam Shots. I guess these events are the priceless ones for parents and we don't mind how goofy we look getting them. Its kind of the equivlant of the 3rd Grade Christmas Pagent when Junior gets to play the elf. All the shutters are flying.

  More of the primary My Daughter and the Date. This photo provides a comparative analysis of Daughter's face and a big white flower. Which is more beautiful? No contest. Just look at Date? Which will he choose? The guy in the back is dooling out Prom Presents. Daughter and Date up Close

  Long Time Buds Here's a couple long term buds doning some hugging pre-prom. These two have been around each other a long time. Whether either knows it now, they have both benefited from one another's friendship. After all they are not being tackled by the guy in white behind them or the agent getting ready to cuff the girl in red.

  Mom and Daughter awaiting the "Turning of the Ring" Ceremony. In this traditional event, the graduate gets to turn the ring around so that the year is legible to onlookers, letting them know they are a graduate. Prior to that, the ring reminds the non-graduate that there is still work to do. Mom and Daughter

  Daughter and Pop Here's Daughter hanging with the popster. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a pic with both of us smiling.

  What, I ask you, can be more fun for a 17 year old Daughter than to cut the rug with the old man. Here, I bust a few moves for everyone on the floor. Man, the chicks just can't get enough of that fish. Daughter and Pop Cutting the Rug

  Prom Pals A few of the pals get together to practice their smiles. Pretty happy they finished High School with these kinds of grins. Its not easy, but when there is Google, Radio Paradise, and iTunes, what more could they want?

  OK, so you may have figured this out by now - they kicked the rents out after the first dance, so all I have are a few pics of the inside of the prom site. Not to worry - here's the amazingly fantasiatic expression I imaged for the event. You can click on this picture (or any of the others to get a giant version). Composite Prom

  I wasn't there This one couldn't make the prom. But she wishes her Magic on the whole 2009 Graduation Class.

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