Orioles vs. Yankees

  On a day in June 2002, it was real hot. It was a Thursday. I left work early and my family and two friend families transported ourselves to a ballpark on the east coast. The transportation was comfortable and quick. Upon arriving in the Washington/Baltimore area, we registered at hotels and took common transportation to Camden Yards, the ballpark in Baltimore, MD. We had to deal with the MD drivers on the way, but as we were having fun, it was OK. View of the Diamond

  Young Fans Young fans. This was the first big league game these guys saw (at least the one in the orange (to see more of the orange, see the Softball Page).

  Here are some more fans. These fans are related to those above, but have some more fanning experience. That was important as it was about 98 degrees that night. The breeze flowed like a blast furnace. This fan employed the beer and straw method of heat beating. Less Young Fans

  Little Player Here's the size of an infielder from our vantage point.

  Camden Yards is a great stadium. The O's were playing the Pride N' Pinstripes in a three game series and this was the second game. The yanks and the birds went run for run, with about six or seven home runs, lots of base hits, and even more RBI's. The game came down to the final out - it was bottom of the ninth, score was tied eight to eight, two outs. The O's had two men on base. With two strikes one of the bird boys connected with a high, outside splitter, tapping the ball between short and third. Just enough to score the guy from third. A great game. Scoreboard at Camden