New York City - 2008 Thanksgiving


  So, two years since Giving of Thanks in New York in 2006, we are there again, this time in November 2008. A few musings caught by a multifunction Blackberry while there. Its handy, having a camera, a notepad for recording observations, a GPS so I can be held absolutely responsible for being lost, and a movie camera. Roadtrip to NYC

  On subway, guy drops a bible and kisses it after picking it up. Young guy has hip hop playing loud enough for me to sing along. Lady gets on wrong train, just like we almost did. No baseball caps like me, just wool skull caps. Few men are clean shaven. Few talk. Some suitcases, but otherwise doesn't seem like a holiday. Guy with a fur coat sits next to me. Getting off on 42nd. To 5th or 6th Ave?

  Post parade, lots of confetti and trash. The place was a mess. Had to put all the street lights back.

  Cat-in-the-hat guys came out and scrubbed it down. After the lights go in and the cops take down the barricades, the CitH machines come out and suckup all the trash and water down the streets. Needed one of these things in college. Cat in the Hat Like

  Interceptor Saw a police interceptor for slow things.

  Makeup store called Sephora. Took over a book store (Scribners). $300 hair dryer, but free little brushes. Beautiful people, spending lots of money on outward beauty. Hope they spend as much on inward. I found the second spot to not get in anyones way (inset). Another guy was in the first one. Makeup Store

  30 ROck N and K at the Rock. There are some other posed pictures but they don't illustrate candid behaviors. Lunch at Playwrights on Times Square at a rocking table. Calamari and soup if they have it. Cobb salade for Mom. K has James Joyce burger, Junior has dill chicken salad.


Waiting in the half price ticket booth hoping for deals on overpriced, over the top productions. Now I know why they wear wool caps. Freezing. Lots of people from other countries. Thanksgiving in NY. Got tickets for $70 one minute after 4pm, the deadline for the text lottery. Then, at 4:30, after plunking down $280, we got the cheap seat message. Quick $60 loss.

  Had to buy batteries. Two double a's for 5$. They had $40 router for $140. Just heard about the Mumbai killings. Now issuing al qaeda warnings about subway and transit terrorism in NYC, where we are. Walking around Time Square waiting for show time (8:00pm). Go in Virgin records and hear AC/DC's Rock and Roll Train. If I don't have, I'll buy it. Back in Sbrarro's for another drink and some text'in.

  Spring Awakening, German victorian teen porn. Every possible teen issue - pregnancy, abortion, drugs, prostitution, incensce, homosexuality, beatings, school difficulties, suicide, etc. But a happy ending?

Uneventful ride home.

  Next day, went to the Village. Went to the Union Square market. Thousands of chachkis. Rested hips at American Eagle next to Union Square. Junior selecting some apparel. Seems as though she needs some more stuff around her neck.

  More pictures of the events in NYC during the Thanksgiving 2008 weekend. No blackberry musings associated, though they may augment those above.  

  In line for cheap seats and looking good.

  Approaching the entrance to RockefellerPlaza. This is where Dave Letterman hangs out? No, I guess he used to. Now its Tina Fey.

  The Rock Tree. It has lights but they won't light until later.

  A proper pose.

  Here is the Rockefellar Ice Rink. I think its a swimming pool in the summer.

  Spare helium if the Macys Day ballons get soft.

  This is called the Village. I think its more like a giant city.