New York City - Thanksgiving 2006


  Liberty Now, another six months after our Spring Cashfest to NYC, we are up there yet again - This time for more Broadway Shows (oh, and Thanksgiving).

  We see this house as we drive up to NYC. Its right over the Pennsylvania border. We used to pick it out because it was so ugly - funny windows and odd structure. With time, it seems to have fit into its setting, there a few hundred feet from the Interstate. Pennsylvania House

  Travel Face The look we get when we ask our daughter and her friend to do their homework, think about college, show responsibility, consider Christmas giving, get a job, vacation with the parents, etc.

  This picture demonstrates that we have multiple Liberty's in our country, and even in this room. Each of us is empowered to do as we see fit or comforting. Multiple Liberty's

  Rockefellor Center Here the girls look to the sage wisdom of the cool stud to the right, wearing the yellow collared sweatshirt and the Stonehenge hat. Look's like he is going with the combo rock-paper to once again show his supremecy in the important things in life.

  The important things - keeping in touch, either by audio or digital. In today's era, there is always someone who wants to know that you just woke up or that your pillowcase is striped. Important Things

  Stairs Outside of the Cafe St. Barts. The girls think pensively whether to go there or next door toCafe Murrays.

  Often forgotten, New York is also known as Nougatocity. The Big Apple moniker has sort of taken over in the last decade or so as New Yorkers embrace the greener side of their existance. But in the past, it was all about Nougat, though it was a good place for caramel, toffee, mousse, and plain old chocolate. Nougat City

  Grand Central Station Here we are at Grand Central Station. Its pretty grand, noting the candeliers and the general size. It is pretty central to Nougatocity and it is still a station where trains and subways and busses and taxis come.

  Pretty fun to ride the ferry from Nougatocity to Liberty Island. Hard not to use the mobile camera/telephone devices though. Lots of peole to tell that we are on a ferry. On the Way to Liberty

  Snacking Here's how you get a snack. No 7-11's or gas station convenience stores. Nope - you have to walk up to one of these wagons and get a warm bottle of coke. Sometimes, the peanut gus will give you a deal - depends on whether they dropped them.

  This is a marquis - its the sign that shows what show is showing. In this case, it was Monty Pyson's Holy Grail. Pretty consistent to the movie in hte first act. Second act was littered with Theater-Going-Insider-Inuendo. So I slept. Monty Pyton Marquis

  Monty and Girls Here is the dreaded Two-Faced Knight that is so terrifying throughout high schools in western civilization. No need to fear it if you know how to pick them out. The Two-Faced Knight always has an Old Lady Bag on its back.

  Can you think about going to Nougatocity without visiting Starbucks? Well maybe when it was Nougatocity and coffee was black, caffine-laden sewer water. But now that these shops occupy every corner and serve chocolate milk shakes with sprinkles and creamed nougat, so its called the Big Apple. Hmmmmm . . . Starbucks

  Stuck On the morning of our departure, we were met by a dead battery. So a AAA call and 15 minutes, Rocky from Rocky's Towing and Rock Crushing service shows up. He has a little battery and fires up the old Volvo.

  Leaving the city by way of hte Holland Tunnel. Its called the Holland Tunnel because it goes below the water line, just like Holland. It is also in a crowded part of the world, just like Holland. Holland Tunnel