New Years Eve 2001

  New Years Eve 2001. Watching Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve. Its rockin. So is he. So are we.

  A TV of 2001 vintage displaying the exact turn from 2001 to 2002. Those of you watching in thousands of years may be surprised that we watched these giant glass tubes about 25 inches deep to see pictures. Resolution was far from the thousands of horizontal scan lines you may see in your time. We also can't just pop a web browser up on this. However, we are starting to mix our live and recorded video entertainment with our interactive computer application screens.

  An even older method of determining the proper time. This one works without electricity and therefore is good for when the power providers go off grid, as was projected when we entered the unknown, mysterious 21st century a few years back.

This was my Dads clock, his Dad's before that, and his Dad's before that. Now its my brothers. It smells like my Grandfather's old law office..

Vintage Time Piece