Independence Day 2002

  July 4, 2002 in the US. We celebrate our independence as a country. This independence allows us to get together as a family and do what ever we want - independently or together. That's the idea. This is one holiday that all Americans celebrate regardless of sex, creed, color, job, operating system, or hair color.

  Left Leaning Family Part of being independent is being able to swing to the right or to the left independently. Our family all swings independently to the left - it just happens that way. No undue influence on this leaning - its just that the family is so extrodinarily close knit that they all lean the same way.

  Much less seldom, the family leans to the right. Its pretty infrequent, but being independent thinkers, they lean this way when appropriate. In the elegent manner in which our forefathers envisioned, there are those independentees that lean no way. Right Leaning Family

  Independent Cakes Desert is an important holiday tradition. Cake is a popular desert. During Independence Day, we serve this popular desert independently. That way, each eater has the freedom to pick whatever indpendent cake is most appealing.

  Its been quite dry this year, especially since June. We've had less than 6/10 inch of rain since May 15, when we planted the peanut crop. Made for a dry, dusty Independence Day. But even the weather is Independent here in the USA. Dry Summer

  Newly Weds Here is a pair who has a special definition of the term "Independence." They are Newley Weds and, as such, have expanded their definition of independence to include the independence to be with one another until death do they part. Sitting independently behind is their cousin and cousin-in-law, respectively.

  My little kid sitting and thinking independently. She acts independently quite frequently when it comes to her room, her TV schedule and her chore habits. Doesn't matter as I love her limitlessly and she will be independent before I know it. My Little Kid

  Fireworks Crew A couple of independent professionals - we hire these guys every year for running the fire show. Its pretty dangerous, so we need these trained experts. These guys came all the way from a different part of the country to arrange and execute a fantastic light show. These guys work for free but the show is priceless.

  Speaking of a great show, here's what this year's event looked like. It ran for about 30 minutes - 10 minutes longer than your standard municipal affair. And how many other shows can cast such amazing patterns (this one is an "M" used to recognize Mom, to which this show is dedicated since the top level mom's both have birthdays in July). Amazing Show of Lights

    Happy Indenpendence Day - May your life be Indepdent from Stress and Difficulty!