Hurricane Isabel

  Isabel formed off the coast of Africa in mid September 2003. It gained power and size as it made its trip over the Atlantic. And, in keeping with good meteorologicist speak, "slammed" into the East Coast on the outer banks of North Carolina. When it hit, it was the size of Colorado and was "packing" winds of just over 100 mph, making it a Category 2 'cane. Apparently, it had been a Cat 5 while out over the ocean. Isabel on the Weather Map

  Some of our Trees Laying Flatter Here are some trees that were felled by Isabel's winds. Unfortunately, they didn't go all the way down. So I guess I'll have to engineer some trick way to get them down without explosives. I've already gutted a few - see how at Tree Gutting!

  This is kind of a bummer. Two trees crossed paths to fall on our fence. Thankfully, the trees didn't break the wire, but they stretched it pretty good. But check out the fence staples - not a one pulled out! Trees on Fence

  Downtown Flooded This is an up hill shot of the downtown metropolitan urban center of town. Note the mud at the bottom. Seems that that section of town is lower than the river bank.

  The river outside of its banks. The owner of this emergency generator powered brick building next to the river still has power. d

  Some of our Trees Laying Flatter South Lake (not really - this is just a big puddle of overflowed river water). This was formed by the water backing up from a narrow bridge cut-thru.

  Here is water flooding the Country Club region of town. Normally, these trees sprout from a nicely groomed grassy knoll. Even though it floods every time the river runs high, the owners of this area keep it quite stately indeed. Trees on Fence

  Downtown Flooded In town, two bridges carry the massive urban rush hour traffic in and out of town. Here the north road gives about a foot or two to the rushing river.

  Back at home, Isabel formed a little riverbed of her own to help move water around. Here, the dogs check out new driveway scents. Isabel Damaged Driveway Section

  Rake Corrected Driveway Correction Same place after treatment by the Landscape Rake. Since all the fine stuff was moved downstream, I had to rake pretty close to the edge, which caused some overspill (small grey ridge at left edge). Believe it or not, I had to get the hand rake out to correct this.

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