Halloween 2001

  Halloween 2001. Came in the fall of 2001. Lots of tricks going on. That's why we had a party at our house instead of visiting the neighbors. We spent the weekend before decorating the house. I ate the snickers that my sister-in-law donated.

  The two halloween girls. Both with their hair just done. Note the young girl's beautiful lipstick - she's a punk - before the tattoes. The taller one has her special green blob in her hand and sheet (from my bachlor years) draped about her.

  There was a big scavenger hunt for candy - that keeps the bags full and the tradition intact. This shot shows the ghouls combining their take into one pile of booty. Then, to keep all fair, a one by one divy of the loot.

From left to right is friend one, daughter, friend two, friend three, cousin one, and the hand of cousin two.

  In their best poses. Again, friend one, friend two, cousin two (who's hand you see above, daughter (just a sliver), and cousin one hefting jack.

  There she is. Thank goodness there are no nose, tongue, lip, eyelid, chin, or other rings. Check out the multicolor hair - red on the left and green on the right - just like a boat. She is quite stunning.

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