Graduation 2009

  She has Accomplished and Won - High School Graduation (June 2009) for my lovely and loving daughter. Now, the schoolwork and the hard nights of endless homework and the battles about math homework are over. She is the Matriculator.

  Click to Enlarge First the Daughter.

  Here's how the day started. She takes all the festivity balloons outside, whereupon she lightens up and trys to float. But alas, she must go to college to learn to fly. Hence the frown. Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image The setting: High School football field. But its June and no football. Therefore, they use it for graduation. Being brave and proud, we tried to sit in the white chairs up front. They told us they were for the graduates.

  Confering of the Diploma. She is happy - so happy she can't wait to take her Mortar Board and help me with the wall. Sargnt Third Class Superintendent with the crazy helmet gives Junior the diploma . . . Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image Followed by a warm hug!

  Here, some guy swats a bee that is stinging him in the neck as another girl runs for cover, protecting herself from the mortar board attacking bees (spelling bees, perhaps??) as they swarm from the flowers in the foreground. (Actually, I think the guy was keeping his tassel from swinging in the horrendous 0.05mph wind gusts). Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image Most graduations, they use the scoreboard during graduation. As names are called, graduate wannabes look to the scoreboard to see if they made the cut. If Home score goes up, they graduate. If the Visitor score increments, flunk. But, in this era where "Everybody gets a trophy," that was too hard for the bleeding hearts to accept. Now they blank the scoreboard until the end and flash the final score, announcing the winners and losers over the PA.

  Uncle D's been by Junior since she was 10 or 11 and first started playing softball. He counseled her in her throwing, catching, and fantasy baseball. He's got some bad spec's to boot.. Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image Most of the family here to see Junior pull chocks from her Secondary Ed. Looks like most people in this pic weren't sure who was actually taking the picture. The only one who has a look of confidence is the dude in the red, Junior's cousin, Murry. The rest are smiling for the guy with a square, silver electronic thing off to the right (he was holding a remote control!).

  Some more pals, all scoring for the home team today. See how happy a few wins gets them. Now they have to start the hard work (and the real fun). Good luck! Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image And . . . Another hug from Sargent Superintendent.

  The "good kid" boyfriend (A87) gets his hand crushed by my WWF pop, till A87 screams in pain. Pop's wife (in purple) looks on, giving A87 the "I'm not buying that" look. Meanwhile, the daughter's mother/my wife (to the right) pleads with the WWF Pop to have mercy on A87 as he has been a good kid and likes the Yankees! Sister-in-law (in white) takes pity while nephew (in black stripes) relishes the sight of yet another hapless victim to Pop the HandCrusher. Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image Finishing off the day with a combo graduation - her cousin and she split the cake. Colors are a mix of their school colors. If I were mixing them, they would have been a pasty grey. Contratulations and best of luck, lives, and careers.

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