Freshman Dropoff - 2009

  Fallowing my daughter's Graduation from High School, she went to Europe, went to the Beach, hung out with her boyfriend, and then went to College. She is a freshman at a medium sized college in east-central United States. Click for Larger Image

  Click to Enlarge Here, daughter and b-friend get ready to go in the F-250. All the stuff is packed in boxes and suitcases. We did a clean sweep of her room, leaving our tools on the porch.

  Its hard to get out of the back seat, not because its tight, but because she may miss a text character or two. Or is it delaying the inevitable? Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge A blank room. All her roommate's junk is on the right, her's is on the left. The third roommate will be in the middle, at least till they figure out what they really want to do. Note the blank walls. This will be the last time it looks like this. Have fun.

  Another blank room. This is the shower. It is shared by two rooms of girls, between five and six girls worth. Hmm. Six girls, one shower. Shower every day, means this is the most used realestate in the dorm. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge The window end of the operation. It looks out onto the historic campus - not a view I expect they will alieve themselves of. Note the TV in the center right - it will have to connect to basic cable. Tough life without Sage!

  The left side of the room starting to shape up. Note the little silver computer under the $60 hutch. Also note the pictures aligned on top of one another. They hung with 3M strips. These last about one hour. Then the pictures fall to the ground and the glass breaks. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge Me and Junior, right before she starts. Those yellow shirts to the far left are called frogs - they schlep all the boxes and crap to the rooms, increasing efficiency and eliminating the clueless ineptitude that the parents would demonstrate if left to their own.

  Daughter on her way to school after saying goodbye to B-Friend. Note his wry smile. I think that's cause he had to ride back home with the 'rents. Good Luck, kid!. Click to Enlarge

  I wasn't there This one can't read so she can't go to college. She also has a tiny mouth so can't eat giant, three-patty burgers. But she wishes her Magic on success in the 2009/2010 Freshman Year!

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