Cape Hatteras 2007

  In days of your, we used to go to Hatteras Island to beach by ourselves. With our pickup truck and four wheel drive, our fishing poles and bait, and sometimes our dogs, we'd leave our inland cheap house and go for drive and a fish on the beach. After the daughter got a bit older, this routine fell from fashion. But in October 2007, we went back.

  This is what the beach is to us. Drive the pickup near the beach, let the air out of the tires, drive onto the beach, tool around until there is no one around and the beach is foot friendly. Then back up to the water, cut some bait, and cast some lines. Usually, our bait fish are twice as big as our catch. No matter. Beach to Us

  Haulin 'em in. Here's another one for the stringer. Gonna be good eatin tonight. The Bungalator's third fish - the first two were on the same beach visit as when she was in the 5 Gallon Bucket. The same time the crabs that were in the bucket nipped her little niblets.

  A shot of the biggest whopper of the day. I can't remember exactly how big this was or how far away the camera was. I recall this shot being taken from about 40 or 50 feet. That would make this a giant Yellow-Fin Tuna. And that's a 10 pound weight above it on about 1/4 inch steel cable. Maybe its a whale!

  Happy Browsers Some of the other fellows out trying their luck. These folks are on the point.

  Buster having a bit of a snooze. Note his hair. It gets kind of fluffy then repels the sand. He was pretty tired after all the running away from the waves. I don't think Golden Retrievers have much experience with seagulls.

  The Libster, on the never ending, tireless hunt for food. Just came up long enough for the photo shoot.

  We had to use this flag to keep all the little children away because we are such fun party lovers. The Bungan and the Kalester hanging with bones. The house was called Park Place, and it was fine. Had an upstairs.