Junior's 21st Birthday

    September 12th, 2012 - Not only is she legal to drive, vote, and be drafted, she's now legal to drink alcohol, though there is no need to unless she wants to get all goofy. Cause she still has to go to school and figure out how to be an adult who can DRINK RESPONSIBLY, not GOOFILY. She's still at adult school, but was able to come to the home base to celebrate with the family. Click to Enlarge

  Here's the family, all in from parts around the world. We decided to have the gathering on the Patio since it was generally overcast, we had this square, red table umbrella, and we had string lights in case it got too dark. Plus, it seems most people had sunglasses or were looking down at their handhelds instead of the sun. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge Birthday Cake - Age doesn't convey until you eat cake. In this case its a Red Velvet fit for a King. See the jaunty angle of the 21 Candles? They are like that for three reasons: 1) they won't drip on the cake; 2) they are easier to light; and 3) they do not leave holes or otherwise take away from the handsome decoration.

  This is the chow line. Note the lack of any consistent shaped plates and the judicious use of various geometric patterns, napkins, baskets, and grapes. The food was fantastic despite these distractions. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge Junior and a young man (seen also in the Prom Picture) determine the best way to hang the HB Banner on the Ancient Columns. Meanwhile, others guard their eyes with sunglasses or by looking down at their devices. One uses neither of those contrivances, instead relying on steady eye and voice contact with other humans.

  Getting ready to dig into the Red Velvet cake. In this case, we'll empty the sliced pieces into the little plastic bowls. Later, if Control Pop can get enough attention, Junior will start the Booty Discovery phase of the House Party. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge Steeped in thought, this one contemplates his future while pop contemplates his wife's disabled ankle with family standard gestures.

  Hmm . . . What's going on over there? It appears there's some wonder and mystery alighting on the faces of one of Junior's aunts along with a cousin (from a different aunt). Her uncle, however, seems to have it all sussed. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge More onlookers to the bootravaganza. They are sitting on the newly-placed concrete bench, Stadium Seating style.

  Here she his showing off an amazing, vintage hoody representing the famous CZ logo. This was the maker of a 1971 360cc Czechoslavakian motocross bike her pop had in the late 70's. He got his motorcycle Class M drivers license on that CZ! Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge What a beautiful, fun, smart, and exiting kid. I used to be happy to be this kid's dad, to be part of her life, and to watch her grow. Now she has turned into a new adult. In the last year or so, she has added a lot to be happy about to the list, most importantly her new found independance and maturity. Nothing beats being a parent, especially when you have one like this!

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