Junior's 18th Birthday

    September 12th, 2009 - She's legal to vote - BUT THAT'S ALL! Nothing else. No living on her own. No making her own decisions about wine, men, or money. That stays with me (and maybe her mom). (Except for one thing - see below.) This year, she is at school, but she came home for a quick B-Day celebration. Click to Enlarge

  Birthday Cake - Age doesn't convey until you eat cake. In this case a leaner carmel cake. On this cake, we choose to celebrate the interstate that runs up and down the midatlantic states. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge A right-side view of the 18th cake. Takes a while to get all 18 lit up. Try 50. Or even 100!

  Surrounded by B-Day Booty. In her hand, is a card from Buster the Dog. He had his picture taken and a cute saying inscribed inside. He also had a personal greeting written inside (I had to do it cause he can't write well with no opposable thumb on his paw). Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge Our kid's cousin, making him my nephew, my brother's son. He has a Mona-Lisa smile, but will get pi**ed if you tell him that.

  Here she his showing off the ice in the ear lobes (Click for a better view). She held out till she was 18 to get pierced ears. That shows some real maturity. Good for her. She has turned out to be a pretty great kid. I love her! Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge Wooden Rhino Man says 18th Birthday Happy!!! Rhino's haven't had much celebration practice.

  Oh yeah, Mr. Yellow Balloon Birthday Man wants to day Happy Birthday too. But if he did, all his guts will escape. So he just gives a knowing smile. Cause in balloon years, he is 18 too!" Click to Enlarge

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