14th Birthday

    September 12th, 2005 - 14 Years to the Day of the Birth of our Kid! So we thought it would be nice if Junior had a few of her pals over (just like two years earlier). But first, she had to go through the standard family ritual with family birthday at the home 20. Following that, she gets together with about 35 of her closest friends. Music, dancing, eating and a game called "Sardines" (two by two hide and seek in the dark . . . Shades of things to come?

  Birthday Dinner - Tacos this time. More importantly is getting out from under the pile of booty that the mighty birthday front-end-loader dumps on you. Swamped with Booty

  Instructing the Uncle and Cousin on iPodism Trying to iPoducate the Principal Uncle and one of his asymetrical students.

  Livening up the pa'-tay. All smiles facing the camera. Guess that's cause its mostly dark. No time for Games - Just Dancing

  Staying Alive Staying alive, staying alive. Standing alone on the stage demonstrating consistency of direction.

  General milling about. This must of been when the lights still worked (top left) before we blew all the fuses. Milling About

  Don't Stop the Dance (Bryan Ferry - 1986) B-Girl at center stage instructing her dance students to remove their right shoes.

  Crew number one striking a pose. The two on the left playing "Here's the Church, Here's the Steeple, Open the Doors, and See all the People." Some of the Select Strike a Pose

  More of the Select Few Another four clenching together in front of the photo pane for an historic opportunity to be photographed by the powerful Sony DSC-P20, packing one point three MILLION pixels of multicolor resolution. This time K-Girl demonstrates her comfort behind the lens of this cinematographer's dream.

  Speaking of B-Day girls, here are two at work. From left to right: Green Shirt Girl and White Sweater Girl joined by B-Girl (VB). Some of the Select Strike a Pose

  More of the Select Few The three B-Day Girls listen to B-Girl tell them how to use their skirts as video projection screens.

  Unable to get over her discovery of additional uses for clothing, B-Girl continues to derive excitement from telling her pals of the hundreds of uses she has found for white skirts and other items of her wardrobe. Some of the Select Strike a Pose

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