12th Birthday

    September 12th, 2003 - 12 Years to the Day of the Birth of our Kid! So we thought it would be nice if Junior had a few of her pals over. They could sit and talk about school, about their favorite sports, listen to some records, and play a few parlor games. Not quite . . .

  Birthday Dinner - Pizza. Getting them to all look in the same direction at one time seemed to be my challenge for the evening!. Dinner at the 12th - Pizza

  Capture-the-Flag Rain Gear The line up in Capture-the-Flag rain gear. It rained about 1" on my Junior's 12th birthday. No matter, the vote to play in the rain was 9 to 1.

  Two thirds of the crowd in Charades position. We played Tuck Everlasting and some others. But the toughest of the night (and of my life) was "Tremors." Charades

  Normal Girls Girls being girls. I think, though not for sure, they were talking to a BOY!!! Note the girl with the hat listening in for some juicy tidbits.

  Present Opening ritual. Its come a long way from the whole family doling them out one by one. It used to happen with the family downstairs. Now it happens with just the girls. I didn't even know it was going on! Guess that's part of growing up. Presents

  Birthday Cake You can't change ages until you have the birthday cake.

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