My wife gave me a table saw in 2003. That's because I complain about having the right tools all the time. My wife got tired of hearing me whine so she gave me a table saw in 2003. Its now 2006 and I have cut about three boards with it. I did build the man cave to hold the dust in, but that's about it. Well this year, I got a Dado blade set (pronounced Day'-doe Blayd Set). With that, I can cut grooves in wood as well as in the scene. Anyway, now I've started to learn about making things. So that's what this page is about.

  This is my work bench. I didn't use the table saw much for this, but its nice to have anyway. Its made of a bunch of cheap two x fours and 3/4 inch plywood. I was amazed how solid two layers of plywood are. Its good. Note the tape measure. That's an important component of the trade. So are the little shims under the legs to keep crooked cuts and floors levels. Bench

  DVD/CD Bookcase This is the first thing I made in January 2006 - A CD/DVD bookcase. It was supposed to go on the back wall on the inside of a closet. I finished the whole thing (except for coloring). I couldn't get it in the closet. So I tried some one-step stain-polyurethane. That was terrible so I stained it black. That turned it brown. So after the brown goo dried, I sanded off the black. Well that showed the red underneath. Then it looked like that expensive weathered look. So we pronounced it Done.

  My first non-pine piece. Its a computer table I made for my mom. Took between February and April 2006. It has a sliding keyboard tray and an oak top. I spent a lot of time pondering this one. Note the tapered legs (one week), the grain-filled oak top (two weeks), and the slide out tray (another week). Click Here to see more about how I made this thing. Computer Table

  78 Record Box I made this in February 2006. Its a box to hold 78 rpm vinyl records. Actually, I think these records are laquer. It has a bunc hof dividers to make it easy to lift out a record. These babys start out scratched so no need to worry as one grinds against the next as it comes out. At least pine is a soft wood.

  This is a two shelf bookshelf I made for my kid's closet in January 2006. Note all the stuff. It has a base with a routed edge. Its also the first thing I put polyurethane on - I used water based for this one.. Two Shelf Bookcase with Base

  One-Day Sitting Bench This is a cheap sitting bench that I made while some other things were setting up in February 2006. Its made of one 12" x 12' board. This was my test drive to try painted bottom and stained top.

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