Toys for kids seem to be few and far between on the web. My little girl and I like to surf for pictures, download them, then color them the way we like. There are too few toy pictures. Here are a few of the toys we like.


  The school kids are (L to R): Francis, Christopher, Brooke, Raggedy, Madeline, Mickey, Barbara, I-Don't-Know, Chealsea, Winnie, and Some-New-Kid. Teacher Norah (my little bungelator) reigns over her kingdom. Sometimes they are joined by J.B. (me, but I'm taking the picture). We go to school in Norah's school room.

  Pinky was one of Norah's first dolls. She is soft and pink.

  When Norah was a youngster, she had 4,567,832 books. She knew the words to about 80% then. Now she has another 20 million as well as school papers, booklets, newspaper articles, self authored stories and other word works. We're reading all the Laura Ingles Wilder books. We saw where she lived somewhere near South Dakota. Norah is a great reader, having practiced since she was 0. Her favorite word then was "the." She has lots of favorite words now, including "doll," "friend," "music," and "money."

  Norah had one kitty before Christmas 95. Now she has 37. Many purr when they move. Norah likes to sleep with them.




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