Softball 2009

    Its her senior year. Played softball since 1996. Played High School Varsity since freshman year. Most years at Shortstop. Here she is, a senior. What a joy!

  March 24, 2009. A Double A rated city in the United States. Cold brisk early spring day. Crack! Shot to the outfield in right center by the opposing team. Quick rundown by the center fielder with an arm. Drills it to the shortstop (#5) who expertly blocks the bag and makes the tag. That's my girl! Liberties

  On Base On base. She's got a strong bat this year. Goes along with her great eye. Her on-base percentage is pretty good as a result.

  One of the team's power hitters. Swinging all the way through. Must of put it in the fence cause otherwise, it'd been in the catcher's mitt..

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