Softball 2003

  The 2003 team had no name. But the players had nice purple and gold colors. They had an OK season. But the drenching Spring drowned out a longer season. So, what to do? Involve all the players and some other regional teams in an end of summer Tournament. That's exactly the thought that my wife and some other hometown folks put in place. Pearl

  Regular Season During the regular season, we looked like this. This particular game, both the night and the team were cold. We played a team with regular players and a cannon for a pitcher.

  The Tourney Team! Since the tourney organizers could call the team anything they wanted, they dropped the nameless regular season garb and went with the "Fireball" attire. Team Portrait

  Fireball victory over the Reds Here the Fireballs congratulate the Reds after a spectacular victory. The win assures the Fireballs a shot at the tourney championship and two more games on Sunday.

  A post game meeting - coaches, players all join in to discuss lessons of the days conquest. Win or loose, you'll always see these fireball embers glowing long after the last out. Forging strategy for the coming games by cutting, etching the lessons of innings just past into indelible reactions for innings to come. Post Game Meeting

  Tourney Products No doubt we're in America - always generating a profit - in this case 20% on all the sales goes to the league.

  No good tourney could ever take place on a lineless field! That's what this thing does - in the hands a straight walker. Not me - my first base line looked more like a horseshoe!

  Final Bracket and Winners Results - The Thunder takes all the marbles. The Fireballs? A respectable 2 wins/four losses. They came in third after the Reds.

  The Tournament Organizer handing out awards to the first and second place winners. Final Awards

  Softball Pals Two softball pals on the Fireballs express their feelings after the games. "Gee, as long as we get tropheys and have fun and eat and drink junk for two days, who cares?"

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