International 574

  Our International Harvester 574 was built in 1971 (+/- a year). It is a 50 horsepower tractor, which may be a bit more than we need. Here it is as it looks to its owner - Majestic in the heavenly place of wonder.

  Here's the machine from the driver's angle. Check out the toggles to the left of the wheel. These provide full range of lighting options. Steering wheel controls a hydraulic valve which pipes hydro oil to the front hydro cylinder, thereby turning the wheels (as noted in the picture).

  Here's the 3 Point Hitch and drawbar. Note the extendable Class II lower links. Also note the single, dual action remote. Finally, note the clevis hook mounted on the drawbar - this is great for catching chains thrown at the back of the tractor. I have to do it from a distance as not to asphixiate myself from the spent diesel fumes.

  This is the left side of the engine. Notice the red finish on pipes, fuel lines, wires, fan belts, exhaust pipes, etc. In the farm tractor refinishing business, this is called "Dipping." It was dipped just before this picture. I tried to get everything.

  Here it is, showcasing its new finish. Note that the hubs are IH white, a perfect match for the IH white trim on the hood. The hubs should be IH red, but this would cause an unacceptable delay due to impatience on the refinisher's part.

  Just for a comparison, I have a "before" and "after" pictures. To the left is the tractor as purchased. To the right (and all the pictures above) is the tractor as it appears now after the respray.

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