Equipment Fleet

  OK. Its not really a fleet. Back in the 60's my pop had a fleet of equipment. He lined them all up out in the field and snapped a photo. I always loved that photo, cause it had the best stuff in the world. A Unimog and three International Harvester industrial machines (a tractor, a dump truck, and a pickup). I only have one International, but now I, too, have a dump truck, a pickup, and a backhoe.  

  The fleet. This one has the International 574, the Earthforce EF-3, the Ford F250, and the GMC 7000 Dump Truck.

  Pop's fleet which inspired this page. Right to left, 1960 or so International Dump Truck, 1959 Unimog, 1960 International Harvester B414, and an International pickup. Pop's Fleet of Equipment, circa 1969

  The view from the south-west. Not exactly the same kinds of machines as Pop had. For example, I have only one front blade - he had three.He has more load carrying capacity by one Unimog. But mine are newer!

  From the weeds. Oh . . . look there! If I count the rear blade on the tractor and the backhoe bucket, my blade count equals Pop's!