Truth. Its hard to find. Even when you think you've found it, someone else will dispute it. You are left in a quandary - unable to act, for you have no real information on which to act. But no longer. The facts are here.

These are the indisputable facts of the world, the rules that govern the universe. Not hypotheses, not theses, not assumptions. These are facts. Lest you question their validity, consider the source.

    Fact 1 - Death and taxes (this one is actually Ben Franklin's).
    Fact 2 - Brittany Spears is entertainment, not art.  Speaking of entertainment, so too is NASCAR.  Oh, and so is the World Wide Wrestling Foundation.
    Fact 3 - Force equals mass times acceleration.
    Fact 4 - Spring is when a tree is green, but you can still see the bones.
    Fact 5 - Honda's are the best engineered cars in America (this does not mean they are the best).
    Fact 6 - Your Fact Here

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