Basketball 2003

  The Orange Crush warming up before the big game with the undefeated "White Team." Here's junior dribbling up for a layup. Can't see the ball as its behind another Orange Crusher.

  Junior (far left) putting in a few points at the beginning of the game. In this league, the teams get to have each player shoot two free throws and keep the points they make for the game.

  At the far left is the best defensive guard on the team. She's going for the rebound before it goes OB while other players hustle towards the ball. She shows real aggression on defense. She was going so fast, she blurred the picture.

  Junior (far right) setting up for the offensive rebound just in case the shooter doesn't make the foul shot. She's all over #6 - he didn't have a chance.

  Towards the end of the game, Junior keeps watch over that cagey #6. Her aggressive defense kept him from scoring any points. Thanks to her and the whole team, they tied the top team in the league - 36 to 36.

Bounce me a Pass