American Girls

  American Girl is a maker of great dolls. These girls started as representative of seven historical periods. Now they have look alikes and babys. They all wear one of hundreds of coordinated outfits. The outfits are sold separately and are very well made - very little plastic. However, this well made ness comes at a cost.

  Here are the two favorites - Lizzy on the left and Kit on the right. Lizzy is a look alike and was named by my American Girl. She is wearing the Perfect Plaid outfit with no shoes. This is because she is relaxing at home.

Kit represents the girls of the 1930's. Note the blond bob haircut. Kit is wearing the Cargo outfit, which is a loose teeshirt and Leave-it-to-Beaver jacket. She also has baggy pants, but at least they're not bell-bottom hip huggers (which look ridiculus on anyone). Lets hope that American Girl never recognizes the 1960s as an historic period.

  Here is the first of the American Girls to join our family and the last. On the left is Kirsten - she represents the scandinavian immigrants of the mid 1800s who settled the midwest. The outfit she wears is the "Field Trip" outfit. They didn't have too many field trips in 1850 so this is a pretty special occations.

On the right is Lindsey. She is an American Girl Today doll. This is a way of extending time to enable the marketing folks to have more historical dolls. Soon, there will be an American Girl of Tomorrow doll and all the girls will need her too. Lindsey is wearing the outfit that she came in - a bargain.

  This is Bitty Baby. Bitty Baby is about the same size as the regular American Girls. When pressed Bitty and the older American Girls can all wear the same clothes. Bitty has outfits too - this is the Santa Helper outfit. Bitty's outfits always come with the dress a hat, shoes and a little outfit for Bitty's sidekick, Bitty Bear.

This Bitty's name is Meagan. She has lots of outfits, including a really cool Halloween Pumpkin outfit and a timeless birthday outfit (that her pop bought for her).

  Here is the best American Girl. Note the teeshirt. This is from the actual American Girl store in Chicago. She has lots of outfits too - many of them the same as the dolls.

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