Husband and Wife

    This is the foundation - the unit - the fundamental - the cornerstone - the rock - the heart - the strength - the brain - the mouth - the underarm - the torso - the ear - the right middle toe - of a family. Husband and Wife. Yes, thats us, my wife and I. Yep, me and her, her and me, man and woman, bride and groom, ying and yang, click and clack, yackity yack, don't talk back.

  Here's me sitting in a rocking chair with Bonnie. This was in the early spring. We are trying to figure out what to do with the beat up rocking chairs. I've had them in the truck ready for the dump a couple of times. Every time, I think, "these are good chairs - I should keep them."

  Here is my beautiful bride - sitting in the home, checking out important facts. Facts sustain good conversation and that's necessary for a solid unit. In the lightning fast times in which we live, sometimes we use Jeapordy and Weakest Link to keep up on the facts.

  Watching the dog with the camera. This is a shot from the same day as above. Its spring (in fact, Easter 2001). The grass is turning green and the puppy is still little.

The wife part of this picture are the plants getting ready to be planted.


  Ahhhh . . . my wife's on the tractor. She loves it. (Actually, she was just sitting on it so she could pick an apple, which was very tasty which is why she is smiling. She likes apples.

  This is a picture of us in the mirror. We had our "mean" faces on. This was in Fairfax, VA, USA where we used to live. That made us mean. I'm glad we no longer live there, though the car dealers were many.

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