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Gus the Dog Pup

  Three Key Dates: October 2011, our King-of-all-King-Dogs Buster (who was such a King of Dogs that his humility prevented him from ever acknowledging his rightful throne) left our dimension and joined another dimension of the multiverse. November in 2012, a bunch of little pups were born from a mom dog. Christmas Eve, 2012, one of the little pups came to live with us. So here he is in his first week or so living in the shadow of our buddy Buster.

  Click for a Larger Image Here is little Gus looking up to the King himself, Buster. Of course, Gus is just imagining what his older brother Buster really looks like since they never shared the same time and space. But I got lucky and caught the picture from my imagination (and an old, 1997 vintage copy of Paint Shop Pro).

  Here little Gus gets a taste and feel of snow in just his seventh week! He's still getting used to the new house he has taken over. He also discovered that he can lick snow and get all the water he wants, giving him plenty of bladder practice regardless of his caretaker's careful attemptsto ration liquid intake. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Wondering if he should eat that junk stick from outside or take apart some more of the quarter round shoe moulding that connects the wood floor to the baseboard, since he has already figured that out. He decided on more shoe molding.

  Catching some zzzzz's during Christmas morning. His rigourous schedule mixes chewing with biting followed by some breakfast and some bladder practice. Then he goes outside and eats mulch and dirt. Next, he comes back in for more bladder practice and a nap. Then more bladdering, then outside again for more mulch and snow licking. Back in for a snooze, some bladder practice and biting. Then its back outside and some eating lylac bushes and ground cover. Some outdoor snooze then back inside for more biting. Then repeat about five times and call it a day. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image This is the Gustovian at full tilt running to the house to get a nibble on a treat and then some biting and chewing.

  This is what he normally looks like, except his mouth is typically open wider or clamped shut against the material least easy or inexpensive to repair. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image Consequently, he gets banished to his cell.

  And then back outside for some running and mulch eating. He looks pretty non-destructive here. But that's just an optical illusion. Click for a Larger Image