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    I have a great family. Some of them will see this others not. I'll talk good about those that do and the truth about those that won't. My immediate family is small - me, my wife Cxxxx, and my little girl, Nxxxx. She and I, as well as other members of the family are Bungalators.

  Here is the 2006 Family Picture. This one is bigger than previous years - suitable for cutting and pasting into your picture software, printing on fine paper, and framing. We were able to get all the members except for the cats (because everyone knows how hard it is to herd cats and we don't like difficult things). From right to left: me, daughter kid, Libby the black dog, Blanch the white goat, Magic the brown goat, Buster the dog, wife lady. Family in Late 2006

  The Whole Family Here we all are. The whole family. The year is 2003 and it snowed a few days ago. From the left (top to bottom in case of a tie): Blank my daughter, Libby the black dog, Magic the goat, Blanche the goat, Blank my wife, Bonnie the dog, me the husband, and Buster the dog.

  Here is the father side of the family. We are all wearing our standard head gear. Note the normal looking guy on the left.

  My Mom. There's more of her in me than anyone else (except for the face paint). She raised me through high school. She handled all the court appearances for reckless driving, improper driving, etc. She got me into college and kept me there with countless coverages of overdraft checks. She's my mom. Snazzy glasses too.

  Check out the two kid lets in New York City. They are outside FAO Schwartz across from the Plaza Hotel. It was a weekday in February 2001, so we could actually go in the place. We had gone in once before in November or December. It was like an amusement park ride - you waited in line - the line worked into the store and right out the back. Luckily we didn't need to buy anything then.

The second time, we bought some radio things for listening to short music clips. Cool electronics just as you would expect.

  Brother and Sister in law. They really love each other. But communications is where they excel.

  Sister and brother-in-law. This was my first in-law. Happened back in '64. They don't live around here. They live somewhere else. Where they live (depending on the season) the sky is very big. There aren't too many people around and the ones that are there don't care much for lots of public spending (see more about half of them at the WFRW). They are all very nice people. Horses, cows, elk and other glassables share the region. It was near their house that we first saw big giant fields of sunflowers.

  Pop and me checking out the myriad of features equipping the International Harvester 574. This machine has a short stance and wheelbase, helping it out around our little place. But it still has lots of grunt. Pop and I love tractors.

  John John the bubble man, dippin in the bubble pan, Orange hat and green glasses, churning out bubbles for the masses.

John John the bubble man, brother-in-law when he can, brown belt and super blue shirt, nothing beats the mud and the dirt.

  From the left, my sister-in-law and her husband, my brother-in-law (my wife's brother). Here, we join them in a festive Christmas Eve dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, many, many miles from where any of us live. Note how they complement each other, not only in Christmas regalia, but in words and acts as well.

  My other sister-in-law with her nephew (as well as my nephew). This sister-in-law is married to the Bubble-Man above. These pictures were taken at different times of the year. This picture from our Christmas celebration. One can devine this by noting the color coordination of the youngster (the son of the couple above) and the excited look on the face of my other sister-in-law from seeing the bill, which she and the Bubble-Man so graciously paid (had I known this, I would not eaten quite so much like the Super Mega Hog). The Bubble-Man picture was taken on Bubble Day 2001.

  RT Sportster and Black and White Dog So here's the guy from above with one of his dogs. This guy is my Brother-in-law. This dog is the black and white dog. He has another, bigger black and white dog, but that one's named Nell. This one is blacky (I think its something else but I don't like incomplete web pages).

He taught me about motorcycles. He gave me my first paying job and didn't yell at me when I got dirty water on neighboring roofs (he ran a roof cleaning business as a hobby when living in Florida where roofs get dirty). He bought a Kawasaki 90 motorcycle for his wife (my sister) the day I came to visit and sold it the day I left (hmmmmm???). I spent the whole summer riding that thing and reading about motorcycles. He had a Norton 850 with clip ons and rear-sets before Suzuki even knew what a sport bike was. He also had or has a Ferrari, a Porsche, a Backhoe, a Dump Truck, a skid steer, an International Scout, and a bunch of other cool things.

  Style Ba - This dawg knows what the chicks dig - its a smooth helmet. When he races his garden tractor, we paint his head white to fool the officials into thinking he has all the proper safety gear. We could also put an "8" on it and play billiards. Or we could pluck it from the tree and make pie. Cue Ball

  Dude, Mow the Lawn My pop, fresh from LA after doing some time on the Matrix set. He's pretty righteous.

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