Friends are good to have. If you have good jokes and your family is tired of them, I tell them to friends. The better the friend, the less the laughter. Sometimes it pays to have lots of just-barely friends. But good friends are good too for things other than jokes.

  This is our friend, the carpenter. She is on a peace corps type mission, building houses for folks that need them. She has an electric circular saw (maybe a Milwaukee - its hard to tell). Since the dust is a'flying, there must be electricity. Wonder if they need a house so bad that they have no electricity and are using a generator? Hard to tell from this shot.

  Pugsley the Friend Dog This is Pugsley. He's a part of a friends family (thus his inclusion in the Friends page). He's pretty funny. He has this funny little smile and his name is Pugsley. Can you imagine what he thinks about being called Pugsley? He's kind of a pug. With the adverbial hint, his name means that he is pug like. Its like me being called "Boyly" or "Fatsly." You might be called "Webpagereaderly" or "Awakely."

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