OK, OK. This is real. This is my daughter's page. She is the best. Daughters (or any kid) are the reason for life. For me, priorities, aspirations, dreams, hopes, and goals all change somehow after having a kid. Every wish from day 1 of parentdom changes from "I want a . . . " to "Please let her . . ." If you are a parent you understand. If you aren't then you are missing the most absolute, most loyal, sincere and unconditional love of life imaginable on the planet or universe. Its a feeling we were destined to have.

  Click for Larger Version September 2012. Celebrating near complete legality, this time achieving the age where consumption of alcohol does not have to be done in a foreign country while under the watchful eye of her parents. I trust she will always stay under her own watchful eye!

  Here is the working girl - June 2, 2012. She's getting ready for a long, hard day at the office. She's the one that I'm afraid is going to yell at me for doing something against the rules - Staff! Click for a Larger Image

  Click for Larger Version January 7, 2012. Junior mechanic just finishing an oil change on the 5-Series. This is part of the payment junior girl has to make to her dad - helping him help her fix her car and wearing the funny suit. In exchange, she gets the car.

  Backing the GMC back into the work site after a successful dump while working the Patio Project. Using the mirrors to line up the truck perpendicular to the sidewalk. That's my girl!!!. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for Larger Version May 1, 2010. Junior girl, home from school to coach T-Ball, helps the old man with the final Front Wall construction.

  May 1, 2010. One year after the picture below. Junior learns to drive the EF-3 and unload some excess dirt and gravel. Note her command of the machine, telling it what to do, commanding that 35 horsepower of hydraulic earth moving, stone crushing power, all in the palms of two hands. Click for Larger Version

  Senior Prom - 2009 Senior Prom, May 30, 2009. Here she stands next to all her buddies (photoshopped out - see Senior Prom for details) getting ready for the Senior Prom.

  March 24, 2009. A Double A rated city in the United States. Cold brisk early spring day. Crack! Shot to the outfield in right center by the opposing team. Quick rundown by the center fielder with an arm. Drills it to the shortstop (#5) who expertly blocks the bag and makes the tag. That's my girl! Liberties

  In Hand The only way to get her "in-hand." Here she is in the hand of a statue in Washington DC, during our trip to the Nation's Capital in for our Holiday 2006. It was dark because we were late because of me because of cool things I like to do. Like be with her.

  The joys of a visit to New York City. No penny spared on valuable, lifelong souveniers picked up during Thanksgiving 2006. Here, the three of us model our New York City look. Its Tony. Liberties

  Junior in the Summer of 2005 2005 and she looks like a supermodel. What happened to the mud and helping me work on the cars?? Oh . . . I guess she never did that. Anyway, this is the way she is. Pretty (and) cool, huh. I'm sure proud.

  During August 2004, Junior runs a short track with some buddies after the Salem #2 Softball Tournament was rained out. This is the second time we've gotten some track time in during breaks in softball tournaments. Hot Rodding

  Junior in the Winter of 2003 Here's the funloving softball junior girl getting ready to ride the dog off her left hand. She has extra long sleeves to wrap under his collar to get a good ride. Junior only wear's this sweatshirt when all of her Dad's are dirty or smell like diesel fuel.

  Here's Junior during our Canadian Vacation of 2003 doing the towel wrap, a trick passed down through generations of mothers and daughters. She loves being squeeeeeky clean. The Towel Wrap

  Having fun with her pal in the summer of 2003.  Kind of a dark picture, she is getting ready for the most important, recurring event of childhood - the sleepover.

  My girl in the Summer of 2002. I have to force her to pose for these pictures. But isn't it great? Its nice when I can catch a picture of her with her natural smile. Lots of pictures, I get her in a forced smile. She takes after her mom, whose first 14 years of photographic history found her behind the pant leg of her dad, her brother, a tree, or any other poor substitute for her beauty. Its nice to have this picture. I love her.

  Here she is in the Spring of 2002. Looking quite thrilled to have this picture taken. She wears lots of clothes with writing on the front, but then, who doesn't.

  Here's my kid in the golf cart. Its fall and cold. As usual, she cruises around without a coat, sweater, anything - "TOO HOT" she says. She can drive that cart too. The cart came from her grandpa who used it to play one of six golf courses where he lived. She and her grandpa are both bungelators.

  The Bungalator!! A bungalator is an extrapolation of a Bungan, which is a term of endearment used for little girls whose names are Norah and whose dads are Tom.

This is a fairly old picture of junior - she was probably late 2's , early 3's. One of the cuter children, wouldn't you agree??

  Its cold today. We take a long walk up into a field. Its real windy too. This time, daughter and friend wear jackets. Let me remind you - its about 19 degrees - otherwise the jackets would be off - in my hands - while they frolick across the cow piles..

  My wife and little girl on their Softball team. This team won the championship game in 2001, beating the heavily favored team by 6 runs in the last game. It was great. This was my wife's second year as head coach. She learned a lot the first year - things like discipline, don't pick the clover, three strikes and you're out. She put them to work the second year, coming in second in the league and winning the tournament. Man, the tears, including mine, really flowed that day. Congratulations team!!!

  The Big One-Oh. The best 10 years of my life. Note the crazy hair - she has the coolest hair in the grade. She's quite creative and certainly unconventional. She likes big candels and Fresca too.

  Graduation from 4th Grade. She made a great speech about what lessons the 4th grade class had made during their time there. The fourth grade class was great as well - good kids and good parents.!

  Here are my two wonderful female immediate family members during Haloween in 1997. This was taken when we rented a house as we have not yet finished establishing our own permanent roots.

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