Volvo Wagon

    Good car, but we haven't had it long enough to consider it great. We bought the car in 2000 so my wife and kid wouldn't have to drive around in the other Volvo. I washed it up for the photos here. You'll notice its sitting on the grass. That's not where we normally park it. Its in good shape and runs the mountain around here without complaint.

  This one is pretty nice with lots of nice options like black exterior, 3-point harnesses on five seats, dual air bags, side curtain air bags, CD player, and power steering. It also has less than 100,000 miles. And its a Volvo.

  Six spoke dubs. I've not been too satisfied with the wheels on any of our vehicles - except these. Nice simple shape with nice tire size. Not too much (none) chrome. They get dirty from the pad dust.

  Black's pretty hard to keep clean. We need a detailer other than me. When looked at from the front, it looks a little like a PT Cruiser - or the PT Cruiser looks like the Volvo wagon - Ha - tell that to a new PT owner!

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